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Do you want to
  • collect data from internet for your book?
  • monitor prices of competing products on the internet?
  • collect data into database from internet?
  • collect product information from internet?
  • publish your article to forums/blogs etc.?
  • submit your products to trading site?
  • submit your software to download site?

You are in the right place!

HyMann Soft are here to make your life more easier!

We specialize in data collection and publication of website, dedicated to helping you collect data from websites and publish your data on the internet more easily!

HyMann Soft help you collect website data and format it the way you want it. You can then save it to databases, such as mssql server, oracle, mysql, sqlite, and you can save it as files too. With these data, you can create your own website, books, statistic charts and so on!

If you are an online trader, or if you want to publish articles, product information, software, to multiple websites with minimal time and effort, our software C&P Engine (coming soon!) can help you achieve exactly that!It will simulate every step of your operation and publish all the information just like you would by yourself, and publish every information to websites just the same as you do by yourself!

We have some little tools to make you work easily when manage your servers or create regular expressions!
Adminner A smart assistant for administrator to control services, computers, files, accounts etc. in the LAN.
Service Timer Assistant for service administrator to control services in the LAN or run service/program in the LAN on time.

Regex Auto Builder

A smart tool that generates regular expressions automatically and make you capture regular string easily!

(Multiple languages)

Price Monitor Monit products's price or other information on websites just by few click! (Available soon!)
String Catcher Extract regular string from plain text, files or HTML pages just by few click! (Available soon!)
C&P Engine A powerful engine for data collection and publication to the internet! (Available soon!)

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